Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mumma hummailee OSA III

My mother has been to visit us three times (look here and here) over the two years we've been to DC. This was the first time she came in the "winter" and also special for the move to a new house and starting of a new life. I am ever so grateful for her that she came and helped me out. She's the best mom in he whole world!

It felt like we did nothing but fill, carry and empty boxes..., but alongside of all the chaos, we did do a lot. Here's a recap.

First thing my mom did when she arrived... was a Wishing Tree (=art project in case you didn't immediately get it...) in the backyard of the old house. It's all there: our hopes and wishes for the years to come.
Her arrival also started the so-called Holiday Season. We got to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas -- we went to Christmas Church at the Finnish Embassy. We also visited a Catholic Church on the December 12th for the Mañanitas de la Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Guadalupe in the Mexican tradition.

While I was moving, dealing with my three movers and handymen from El Salvador AND running errands (lawyer, landlord, bank, pharmacy), signing contracts and picking up keys and cleaning up messes here and there AND went to two work interviews, a mammogram, a teeth-whitening AND took Maia to get a vaccin at her doctor's... and also got rid of some head lice in my kids' heads..., I of course wasn't always exactly in my best mood ever... eh. BUT my mom kept her calm as usual and... made a heap of pancakes :D (My kids love them with jam. I eat them with Nutella...)

Well, I wasn't a lousy daughter either as I took her to see Lincoln (the movie) in Georgetown and she got to see this year's Nutcracker with Maia's ballet class at the Warner Theatre in DC. We also went to a Nail Salon and ate in several nice restaurants: Meze, Paolo's, Radius, HaydeesFive Guys and had a lot of coffee and cakes at Starbucks. We also went to Ikea and the Container Store - twice.

In Radius - a Mt Pleasant pizzeria - the pizzas are named after our local streets: Irving, Kenyon, Kilbourne....
Christmasy treats from Georgetown Cupcake.
What I think my mom most enjoyed, however, were the second-hand bookstores we went to: Idle Time Books (thrice), Second Story Books and Books for America. (I didn't let her go to more bookstores -- she's a madwoman when it comes to old books..!!) But she did go to this Toro Mata store in Adams Morgan and got herself a very beautiful Virgencita for her collection.

We also went to see the huuuuge Christmas tree from Colorado at the Capitol Hill one night.
 Sen pituinen se.


  1. Mukavaa että äitisi matkustaa teitä aina välillä katsomaan sinne rapakon toiselle puolelle. Ihan pakko mainita että äitisi suunnittelemat mainiot elefantti kuvioiset pussilakanat löytyvät meiltä tänä vuonna pukinkontista, tytölle ja pojalle. Hyvää joulua!!

  2. Tosi hienoa, että äitisi on siellä! Olette kyllä niin samannäköisiä, kuin sisarukset! Kiva nähdä, että hänkin paistaa lättyjä! Se on meidän mummien mieluista puuhaa.. Oiken Hyvää Joulua ja Onnea Uudelle vuodelle!
    t. Kati Strömmer