Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fashion Year 2012

In December it's also funny to look back in some of the purchases of the year... I've shopped quite a lot, but for obvious reasons will have to cut down on that (as well as on travelling and a few other things...) So, let's enjoy these images -- for the good old times' sake :))

In January it seems I wore sweatpants with red nail polish and pale colours, haha!

In February I shopped Jason Wu stuff with Ulla at Target, remember?
In March I bought a Kate Spade bag, started wearing geeky glasses and minty shoes. For spring!

In April I travelled in a Gap trench coat with gray&beige accessories...

 In May I bought a Swatch while in NYC. (I've now LOST IT!!! during the move..grrr)

These espadrilles were my fave summer shoes. I bought them in  Marshalls in June.

In July I purchased these minuscule earstuds online. Have worn them every day ever since!

In August I had a chance to do some airport shopping. So, souvenirs from Madrid...

September was still very very warm in Washington DC.
I wore this tricot dress (a lot) with a red DKNY baggy.

Through all the warm October I wore these Seppälä plastic snake skin shoes... Fancy, eh?

Ok, and the downsizing started in November... when I went from Chanel to Maybelline. Again :))

Just guessing, there won't be much December shopping for me...
but some maybe... who knows. Catch ya later!

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