Saturday, December 8, 2012


Understandably most of Markus's and my Facebook friends and relatives and friends are somewhat puzzled, worried and also sad for us breaking up. Well, we are not so sad, neither one of us... Hope that helps :)

Our Break-up
Yes, we are still married. Just separated (harkinta-aika, you know...) since beginning of December. I am staying here in DC and so is Markus. We live in separate addresses, that's all. My new HOME is  p r e c i o u s! (It's the top floor in one of those so-called Victorian townhouses you can see on the cover photo of the blog right now.)

Other people...
The kids are copying well - they have the right to live in a home where the adults do not fight all the time. Also, their dad Christian lives and works here in Washington and they spend nearly half of the time with him. That's also why I am staying as well as for the kids to be able to finish their school year.

I have NOT gone NOR am going to go back together with Christian. Should that have crossed anyone's mind :)

But what about money?
Here in America we call it "spousal support". I also have a degree. And the last time I checked, I was perfectly capable of finding a job and keeping it for some time.

Coming back
I am staying here for Xmas, the kids go to their Spanish family. I'm planning a looooong summer holiday in Finland next year. But it's still early to say, if we'll stay here longer than expected.

We enjoy living in DC and would love to stay at least as long as the Immigration Authorities let us :))

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