Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Et In Terra Pax In Hominibus

This Christmas I've been all alone here in DC. Nothing or nobody with me but memories of earlier days of December... of Christmas dinner with my mom and my kids in the Finnish tradition -- more or less. The thought of the lovely faces of my loved ones.

I have taken this time to get in PEACE with my sometimes very heated spirit, my stressed soul. I've given my bruised body a thorough purification bath (with crystal salts) and I've held our guinea pig Pinky on my chest for warmth and confort as I've watched Charlie Chaplin movies :)

I feel totally sincere about my feelings and thoughts now  -- I wish ill to no one and wish they would feel the same about me. I have so much love in my life. And that special kind of love... It will come one day, when I least expect it, and it'll be for real. This time. I know it.

We had salmon and potatoes, mashed potatoe and sweet potatoe "laatikko" with Ikea meatballs and cranberry juice. Our "kinkku" was actually Nathan's beef hot dogs :))) Cheese plate and white chocolate candy for dessert. Yuuuumm!!

I was so happy to be able to dress my table with our traditional Christmas tablecloth in our new home.
Symbols are important, you know. At least for me.

PS. I got this house purification tip from a friend of  friend: Take a plain plate (any colour, white's the best, but no decorations) and put 3 tablespoons of salt on it. Place the plate next to your front door (inside the house) and keep it there for three weeks. Every week change the salt. And the best part: I was told I don't need to believe in it, it'll still work. (Did I do it? Oh, yes.)


  1. Rauhaa ja rakkautta, hyviä fiiliksiä ja kauniita ajatuksia - niitä sinne roppakaupalla. Nauti näistä omista päivistäsi, tärkeitä ja hyviä niin mielelle kuin sielulle:) Aurinkoterkut! PS - kivat kuvat teidän Suomi-joulusta!

  2. Paljon rakkautta, hyvää mieltä ja terveyttä vuodelle 2013!

    Täytyykin kokeilla, toimiiko house purification myös kerrostaloasunnossa ja laittaa suola-astia ovelleni heti, kun joulunvietosta kotiudun.