Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Church

The Finnish Embassy in Washington has a wonderful tradition. Together with the local Finnish Lutheran Church it organizes a Christmas Church every December at the beautiful Embassy building. We meet all our friends there. We get to sing our favourite hymns. We go home with prayers and enjoy some Finnish pastries and coffee after the church.

This year we participated with our extended family. With those who I have most been counting on lately: my amiguita, hermanita, brujita, loquita, angelita Viviana and her family Vanessa and Ricardo, my ex Christian and my adorable, sweet, patient mother and my lovely kiddies Luis and Maia.

Os amo con locura, rakastan teitä äärettömästi, I love you to bits!!!

Maia read the Gospel of Luke 2 (the birth of Jesus) in English!

Thank you Embassy!

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