Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Harry Potter Was Luis's Favourite

My Luisito (10) has been a huge fan of Harry Potter for some time already. (Remember his last year's Halloween costume...) So, we didn't really have a choise: we had to visit the Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while in Florida last week.

It was AWESOME! Like entering one of the movies. And we didn't leave the place empty-handed...



Disney's Animal Kingdom

Our Disney saga continues... part III. Here's an account of our experience in the Animal Kingdom. Well, I personally, thought I was freaking hallucinating... As a woman of the world, having actually been to a real African safari in Kenya (Mirka, help me, was it in 1997?)... THIS was still something.

Okay, Mr Disney and his allies had actually built a fake savannah there in the middle of nowhere in Florida and brought all the animals from the Lion King there for people to see -- and almost to touch. (I these pics you'll see how close we were to the animals!)

For short: another AMAZING experience!





Monday, October 29, 2012

Disney Magic Kingdom II

On our second day in Disney's Magic Kingdom last week, we arrived just in time for the PARADE at 3 PM, (having spent the morning at the pool... ♥ Florida) which for me was the BEST. That's how I always imagined Disney World to be, as a child. The characters there and all that.

It was hard if not impossible to not to smile constantly and scream: "Look, there's Donald! Ooh, there's Pinocchio!!" It was, for me, a dream come true really. I would go again. Definitely. Wow!


Disney Magic Kingdom I

Here's finally some story line + photos from Disney World, where I went last week with Luis and Maia.

We flew from D.C. to Orlando with Airtran and stayed at this All Stars Movies Resort for three nights. We had a four-day Park Hopper Ticket which was valid for the four Disney Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. We actually only went to the first two AND to the Universal Studios Harry Potter World (one-day tickets were $88/person but it was worth it.)


Kuten ilmeistä huomaa, Luis ja Maia olivat aluksi kuin puulla päähän lyötyjä. Ihmispaljous ja Magic Kingdomin megalomaanisuus hiukan askarrutti. Meitsi sen sijaan oli heti alusta kuin kotonaan, hehe. Palasimme samoille hoodeille myös toisena päivänä ja silloin jo lapsetkin alkoivat innostua ja tajuta, mistä koko hommassa on kysymys.

Oh, Sandy!

Sandy's here! She's pouring rain over us big time, and she's sending forceful gusts of wind, too. Our house is making a lot of funny noises... but let's hope she'll stand still. This should be over early tomorrow morning. But schools are of course closed for several days, and there's a natural disaster alert and... you're not to drive or walk on the streets right now.

It could sound a tad axaggerated here in D.C., but Sandy's been super nasty to where ever she's gone to! The only thing pretty about her is her name. I wouldn't and am not taking any chances with her!

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