Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Miss Peas

It isn't often that I miss Finland but now I do. I miss the home grown strawberries and peas sold in the market place and I'd die for a coffee break under the mild Northern sun with my friend Ulla. And I miss those salty crèpes for lunch and Valio ice cream. All (but Ulla) with a hint of Kaurismäki, of course...

♥ Helsinki.


  1. I love Helsinki Market Square! Oh how I miss the summers with my parents going there early in the morning and buying peas and strawberries and munkkipossut. I wish I could provide the same lovely times there for my children as well. :)

  2. Torilla on jo vaikka mitä kesäherkkuja, njam!

    Mutta kyllä yllätyin, kun kävin läpi viikonlopun mainospinoa ja tutut kasvot kurkistivat lehden takakannesta! Two thumbs up! :)

  3. How nice to discover another Finn on this continent! I got here thru Katz' blog - whom I met once in her lovely NYC! I'm now in Quebec City, Canada. Missing a bit back home too...

  4. Hih, I'm glad Helsinki Market Square rocks for you girls, too!

    Petra, kiitti! Tässä vielä linkki Cittarin sivuille niille, joiden kiinnostus asiaan heräsi :D http://www.k-citymarket.fi/Viikko-lehti/VIIKKO-22--2012/Meidan-VIIKKO/