Friday, May 18, 2012

Starring Toto...

Tonight is the Big Night! Luis is playing Toto the dog in the school play, the Wizard of Oz - no more no less. I had a slight costume panic this week as Amazon let me down. "Dear Ms. Hakala, we have a delay with your order..." is NOT the email you want to receive when there's a school play in 2 days and NO costume...

Well, finally had to make one myself. Got some material and a friend's mother lent me her sewing machine. Obviously this costume does not bear any closer looks by anyone who actually CAN sew, but Luis is happy: "All the girls wanted to hug me cause I'm so soft."

"Matkallaan Dorothy tapaa Variksenpelättimen, joka haluaisi itselleen aivot, Tinamiehen, joka haluaisi itselleen sydämen sekä pelokkaan Leijonan, joka haluaisi itselleen rohkeutta." Wikipedia

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