Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have Some Cake

Phiuff... A hectic week has come to an end and I should be busy packing for a holiday in San Francisco. (I realized I have 2 hours to clean, pack and fix my face before the taxi comes...) BUT let me blog about the last night first.

We had a PARTY at our place yesterday for Markus's colleagues from near and far. Some 40 people, food, drinks, cake - and lots of talk about WORLD ECONOMY. Not exactly everybody's idea of great FUN... but we had a great evening despite of ourselves.


  1. Herkullisen näköisiä kakkuja.Itse kun en ole kakkumaakari,vain suklaakakku onnistuu.

  2. Nämä oli vasemmalta oikealle: sitruunainen höttökakku, kirsikankukkakermakakku, mangojuustokakku ja tiramisukakku - enkä kyllä itse paistanut :D