Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day-Trip Packing Tips

As I've been travelling so much lately, packing stuff has been of great interest to me. Although I myself am a great fan of colours and prints and so on, I have a dear friend, who tirelessly reminds me of the usefullness of unicoloured clothes - especially when travelling. She's a big fan of "basics" and this blog post is about what I've learned from her. Oh, her name is Minna-Marie - if you didn't guess that yet :D

Not long ago, I also came across with this blog post on packing for a special trip...

I packed for New York: Skinny black+grey pants and boyfriend jeans, black+white+grey T-shirts, grey scarf, beige trench coat, two pairs of shoes and a sizey bag.

I packed for Williamsburg: black+grey skinny pants, striped shirt with a black cardigan, white T-shirt and a pink fleece, two pairs of shoes and several... sizey hand bags :)

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