Saturday, March 31, 2012

Symppis seremonia

Olimme tänään Japanin suurlähetystössä perinteisessä teetaidetilaisuudessa, Markus, äitini ja minä. Hienoahan se oli ensikertalaisille. Ihastuttavinta oli minusta se, kun nuorin japanittarista teki selvästi pienen virheen seremoniassa ja kipitti sen jälkeen nopsasti takaisin sermin taa. Ajoitus oli kai jotenkin pielessä.

Markus, my mom and I had the privilege of participating in a Tea Ceremony today in the garden of the Japanese Embassy here in Washington D.C.. It was a very charming experience. We had never been to such an event before.

I didn't get a photo of my teacup... This was a rice cake with cherry blossom images on top.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

South Beach PART II

Here we go again. My mom's in Washington and we're on a DIET. Together. Just like last year. It's easier to diet together. South Beach Diet is so motivating (rapid weight loss in two weeks) and making low-carb meals for two during the day is just FUN.  I'll post results again. As soon as this is... OVER.

Turkey-tomato-feta omelette with salad and parmiggiano.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Almost Too Late

Yep. I knew this year they were a month early. Yep. I knew the peak was said to be last week. Yep. I knew it was raining over the weekend and I knew it was cold the following days. And still, I didn't go.

I was waiting for my mother to arrive for her yearly visit. She did yesterday. Today we went to see the Cherry Blossoms, first thing in the morning. We were lucky to find some left.

More photos on Facebook.

The trees are 100 years old and my mom is going on 70. You wouldn't tell, would you?

On these pics around the Tidal Basin, you see clearly the peak has passed.
 ♥ Cherry Blossoms ♥

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Se saapui

Kate Spadelta toissapäivänä tilaamani laukku saapui tänään kotiin kannettuna. Tästä siis hiukan osviittaa siitä, miten... sanoisinko motivoivaa tämä nettishoppailu täällä on. Kai se on Suomessakin, ennen en sitä vain niin laajamittaisesti harrastanut. Köh.

Toinen tämän postauksen kuvasarja on nimeltään: illallinen yhdelle. Tämä on yksi puoli ulkomailla asumista: puoliso on AINA töissä. Lapset söivät kalapuikkoja ja riisiä jo aiemmin. Kohta nukkumaan ja huomenna onkin taas jo perjantai!

This post is about: my new bag and my ever-so-frequent dinner for one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Päivän asu - I Am Wearing Lipstick

Just before our evening routines (read, pray, sing) kick in, here's some pics of what I was wearing today (am wearing PJs now...). Think am gonna wear more of this RED lipstick next time.

 Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.


You may have noticed my blog has a new logo, or it's more like a doodle really :D
You may want to like Kakunpalanen on Facebook. I just added some extra photos there and will be doing so in the future, too. I may also 'go doodle' on my blog every now and then...

Some people seem to have too much time...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laatulehtiä - Quality Readings

Paikallislehtemme Washington Post on ihan ykkönen, mutta Vanity Fair on myös kerrassaan laadukas kiiltokantinen. Huhtikuun numerossa on vaikka mitä hauskaa: muun muassa historiajuttua Washington Postista. Netissä lisäksi tällainen kuva-albumi elokuvista, joissa WP näyttelee roolia. (Olenkin jo jonkin aikaa halunnut metsästää Washington-aiheisia leffoja - ehdotuksia otetaan vastaan...)

I absolutely love the Washington Post, as you know. But I really fancy Vanity Fair, too. The April issue is again full of great stuff: like a history story on the Washington Post for example. And check out this photo album about the WP in movies over the years. (I've wanted for some time to find movies about Washington - let me know if you can think of any...)

"[My son] said, 'YEAH, MY MOM'S JULIA ROBINSON.' That's what gives you perspective...
[Fame] has nothing to do with me as a person." (says Julia in the extensive interview by VF.)

Katen SALE

Sori mutta tämä oli kyllä ihan pakko saada. Amerikkalainen Kate Spade on aivan ykkössuosikkejani... ja ALE:ssa oli tämä oranssi.

I am very sorry but... I just had to. Buy this orange Kate Spade bag from my favourite NY designer and one of my favourite online stores.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Once More

I suppose you guys are sick and tired of seeing BOTH this tablecloth AND my new glasses already...
But I  L-O-V-E  them, so  here's some pics of them once more.
... Like random images from this weekend which has been nice and relaxing.

Luis at the restaurant Paolo's in Georgetown on Sunday afternoon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

It's St. Patrick's!

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A Bad Hair Day

On perjantai, eikä tänään ole hyvä päivä. Olen lähinnä tuntenut itseni oman elämäni au-pairiksi lakanoita vaihtaessani ja ruokaostoksilla kiitäessäni sekä hakiessani vaatteita pesulasta. Piti kampaajallekin pakosti kiireellä, koska illalla juhlitaan. Jippii.

It ain't always easy, you now. Being an au-pair of one's own life. Today's been a particularly tough and un-motivating day for me. I even had to get a haircut as tonight it's party night again. Whatever.

Duane Hanson. Woman Eating, polyester resin, fiberglass, polychromed in oil paint with
clothes, table, chair and accessories, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 1971 (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Serious Geek Alert!

Here's my new glasses! I bought them in Helsinki some weeks ago. My Luis is seriosly shocked. He's forbidden me to show up in them at his school. What do YOU think? (Yes, and don't say anything about the hair, please. I do realize, it's gonna got to go. Too geeky!)

It Takes One to Know One

Vapise Suri Cruise! Meidän Maia on sellainen kenkäfriikki, että toiseksi jäät. On ollut aina, ja äitikin jää. Vietimme Maian kanssa eilen äiti-tytär -laatuaikaa kenkiä sovitellen ja kuvaillen, ah!

Suri dear, you should know there's one big competitor for you in the world of shoe addicts. My Maia, who beats even me. And I am the mother! Yesterday, we spent some wonderful mother-daughter moments.