Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Litl Bit of Mejico in My House

The kids are with their dad this weekend, and I've p a r t y e d non-stop... Nooo, not quite. I did go to a restaurant, the Perry's in Adams Morgan with my husband for a quiet, nice (late-Valentinesque) dinner yesterday. Today, I've been full of energy and motivation to... c l e a n  u p. I want a spring breeze in this house, like yesterday! (Should start by taking off the Christmas lights, hmmm...?)

Dear house, here's some colour for you from Mexico... And here's some m u s i c for you my readers: Ladies and Gentlemen, Mambo number 5 by Lou Bega. Have a great Saturday!

I got this tablecloth from my friend Ulla, who lived 10 years in Mexico.

I wanted these colourful rugs from Mexico this January. Markus went like: "What ever are you going to do with all this..?" "If ever we, like, eat Mexican, it's, like, nice to have these on the table, you see", I answered without a moments hesitation.

This "tree of life" I bought in 2002, as I went to Mexico for the first time, to visit Ulla.

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