Friday, February 10, 2012

Jason Targeted, Jason Hit

While in New York City, Ulla and I went for a Target designer launch. We did it the pro way and got pretty much all we wanted.

The event made it to NBC News
(!!!1:47 and 2:56!!!) 

This time, the target of us fashion freaks was a small collection by Jason Wu - a young Chinese born designer who made a name as the designer of Michelle Obama's inauguration ball gown.

We bought a couple of dresses, shirts, scarfs and a bag both. For NOTHING!

Ulla in the metro to Brooklyn at 6.30 am.
"Hey, who invited the cameras??!!"
Divide and conquer taken to another level.
"Do you think these two cartfuls will do?"
"Yep, let's go!"
"They have a lot, too. Let's follow them."
Well, there's a limit to the items you can take in a fitting room, usually...
But who needs fitting rooms anyway?
After a long long, loong deliberation, I ended up with 3 dresses and a scarf.
Plus a bag. Plus some extras for relatives in Finland...

No touching!
(We actually had to protect our two bags for fear someone would steal them from our cart.
Some girls came very close and asked if they could touch them...)

Oh, yes! *sigh*
You may remember that I also witnessed the notorious Missoni launch in September...

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