Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry. I am a very energetic and outgoing person usually, I smile a lot and often and babble away. Today, however, I feel sorry and sad. Can't always win, can't always get what you want, can't always be happy. Gotta know when to give up. Gotta know when to move on. Gotta pull yourself together. Yes, some things I learned this year. Let's hope next year will teach me something else. Sorry.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Singled Out

For those who hadn't noticed, I've gone from housewife to single mom again. Just like that. No, don't worry, I'm fine. Just felt I needed to change the blog, too. Hope you'll keep posted for more :)

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We Are One

I miss my children. I know they're having a great time - those greedy lil' things -- waiting for still more presents from the Reyes and spending time with their Spanish family. But you've got to have understood it by now: we are very very grown together, the three of us.

I became single mom when I was pregnant with Maia. Luis was 2 years old. (see a picture from summer 2005 here.) It's been ten (10) years now, and we've done so much together, been through so much together, travelled and explored together -- and watched a good deal of television together.

Next year I'm planning to be better mom to my kids: Cook healthy meals for them, give them more of my time, listen to them more, read books together and go sightseeing in this beautiful city we live in. And of course we'll still be watching a lot of their favourite episodes of teen comedies, too :)
Watching telly in July under the ceiling fan, when it was boiling hot in the house.
Luis is sitting closest to the disfunctional air-conditioning apparatus :)

Watching telly in October keeping warm as the temperature went down in the evening.

Et In Terra Pax In Hominibus

This Christmas I've been all alone here in DC. Nothing or nobody with me but memories of earlier days of December... of Christmas dinner with my mom and my kids in the Finnish tradition -- more or less. The thought of the lovely faces of my loved ones.

I have taken this time to get in PEACE with my sometimes very heated spirit, my stressed soul. I've given my bruised body a thorough purification bath (with crystal salts) and I've held our guinea pig Pinky on my chest for warmth and confort as I've watched Charlie Chaplin movies :)

I feel totally sincere about my feelings and thoughts now  -- I wish ill to no one and wish they would feel the same about me. I have so much love in my life. And that special kind of love... It will come one day, when I least expect it, and it'll be for real. This time. I know it.

We had salmon and potatoes, mashed potatoe and sweet potatoe "laatikko" with Ikea meatballs and cranberry juice. Our "kinkku" was actually Nathan's beef hot dogs :))) Cheese plate and white chocolate candy for dessert. Yuuuumm!!

I was so happy to be able to dress my table with our traditional Christmas tablecloth in our new home.
Symbols are important, you know. At least for me.

PS. I got this house purification tip from a friend of  friend: Take a plain plate (any colour, white's the best, but no decorations) and put 3 tablespoons of salt on it. Place the plate next to your front door (inside the house) and keep it there for three weeks. Every week change the salt. And the best part: I was told I don't need to believe in it, it'll still work. (Did I do it? Oh, yes.)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mumma hummailee OSA III

My mother has been to visit us three times (look here and here) over the two years we've been to DC. This was the first time she came in the "winter" and also special for the move to a new house and starting of a new life. I am ever so grateful for her that she came and helped me out. She's the best mom in he whole world!

It felt like we did nothing but fill, carry and empty boxes..., but alongside of all the chaos, we did do a lot. Here's a recap.

First thing my mom did when she arrived... was a Wishing Tree (=art project in case you didn't immediately get it...) in the backyard of the old house. It's all there: our hopes and wishes for the years to come.
Her arrival also started the so-called Holiday Season. We got to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas -- we went to Christmas Church at the Finnish Embassy. We also visited a Catholic Church on the December 12th for the Mañanitas de la Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Guadalupe in the Mexican tradition.

While I was moving, dealing with my three movers and handymen from El Salvador AND running errands (lawyer, landlord, bank, pharmacy), signing contracts and picking up keys and cleaning up messes here and there AND went to two work interviews, a mammogram, a teeth-whitening AND took Maia to get a vaccin at her doctor's... and also got rid of some head lice in my kids' heads..., I of course wasn't always exactly in my best mood ever... eh. BUT my mom kept her calm as usual and... made a heap of pancakes :D (My kids love them with jam. I eat them with Nutella...)

Well, I wasn't a lousy daughter either as I took her to see Lincoln (the movie) in Georgetown and she got to see this year's Nutcracker with Maia's ballet class at the Warner Theatre in DC. We also went to a Nail Salon and ate in several nice restaurants: Meze, Paolo's, Radius, HaydeesFive Guys and had a lot of coffee and cakes at Starbucks. We also went to Ikea and the Container Store - twice.

In Radius - a Mt Pleasant pizzeria - the pizzas are named after our local streets: Irving, Kenyon, Kilbourne....
Christmasy treats from Georgetown Cupcake.
What I think my mom most enjoyed, however, were the second-hand bookstores we went to: Idle Time Books (thrice), Second Story Books and Books for America. (I didn't let her go to more bookstores -- she's a madwoman when it comes to old books..!!) But she did go to this Toro Mata store in Adams Morgan and got herself a very beautiful Virgencita for her collection.

We also went to see the huuuuge Christmas tree from Colorado at the Capitol Hill one night.
 Sen pituinen se.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Yes, our Christmas came early and was fantastic. On the 24th 14th we had a cosy dinner at my friend Viviana's place and shared some presents there. As we were home and were trying to open our front door, it felt heavy... cuz Santa had left a big red bag of presents there! OMG, what a surprise! To think he came right when we were at Viviana's and he missed us! Better luck next year?

"Look mom, Pinky got some presents, too!!" (wooden chewing blocks..)

Maia with her McKenna - Girl of the Year 2012 :))

Ei tule varmaan yllätyksenä blogin lukijoille, että meidän lahjapaketeistamme ilmestyi jouluksi sopivasti myyntiin tullutta punaista Elefanttia...

Tree on the Hill

My mom has gone back to Finland and I'm so behind with the blog again... BUT: I did it! I moved, I arraged everything (I mean almost everything) in the house, I made Christmas happen to my kids and sent them to Spain healthy and without (too many) head lice... NOW: I am just taking it easy. I haven't forgotten how that's done :)

Here's some images of our late night visit to the Capitol Hill the other night to see the famous Christmas Tree -- or one of the famous trees in Washington. This year the tree came from Colorado, it measured 73 feet and had over 5.000 decorations made by Coloradans. Nice!

Busy Maia is speaking on the phone with her daddy :))

Monday, December 17, 2012

♥ Felicidades ♥

What a Favourite Day! My friends Viviana and Ricardo are getting m a r r i e d today!!! And I wish them a lot of happiness on this beautiful Monday, and on all the Mondays to come.

Love has been in the air for some time already and things started going to this direction for them right from the beginning. Don't they just look  l o v e l y together!

♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wrap It!

Again this year, our Christmas came earlier than usual... This is the third consequtive year my kids travel to Spain for the holidays. Therefore, we celebrate our Finnish "joulu" a week ahead of time. Santa knows this and has never failed us. This year he appeared on Friday night, the 14th December.

On Friday afternoon one Santa's helper went to the school yard with the kids while the other Santa's helper was busy wrapping stuff at home... Very secretive and very rewarding... As my kiddies are so childish they both (even Luis, 10) still believe in Santa. The Finnish REAL Santa, of course.

Got some cute stickers from Antropologie...


Thee Best Cupcakes Ever

We -- me and my kids -- have fallen in love with the exclusive cupcakes of Georgetown Cupcakes. We go there regularly, we take our guests there and buy them as presents. They are thee best cupcakes one can have. Mmmmmm... love love love them.

Very often there's a queue ouside the store...


Friday, December 14, 2012


Quite so fortunately my native Finnish snow-how is seldom needed here in Washington DC. This morning I had to scratch my car's windshield -- from a pathetic amount of ice -- compared to what it was daily in Helsinki where I didn't have a garage. I was actually a little pleased with the good old crispy feeling of the white stuff :)


Zoo Lights by Luis

While I was busy moving my stuff from one house to another... my friend Viviana took the kids to this event at the National Zoo which is actually in our neighborhood.

Luis took these pictures with my mother's camera :)) It looks they really had a good time.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Church

The Finnish Embassy in Washington has a wonderful tradition. Together with the local Finnish Lutheran Church it organizes a Christmas Church every December at the beautiful Embassy building. We meet all our friends there. We get to sing our favourite hymns. We go home with prayers and enjoy some Finnish pastries and coffee after the church.

This year we participated with our extended family. With those who I have most been counting on lately: my amiguita, hermanita, brujita, loquita, angelita Viviana and her family Vanessa and Ricardo, my ex Christian and my adorable, sweet, patient mother and my lovely kiddies Luis and Maia.

Os amo con locura, rakastan teitä äärettömästi, I love you to bits!!!

Maia read the Gospel of Luke 2 (the birth of Jesus) in English!

Thank you Embassy!

Fashion Year 2012

In December it's also funny to look back in some of the purchases of the year... I've shopped quite a lot, but for obvious reasons will have to cut down on that (as well as on travelling and a few other things...) So, let's enjoy these images -- for the good old times' sake :))

In January it seems I wore sweatpants with red nail polish and pale colours, haha!

In February I shopped Jason Wu stuff with Ulla at Target, remember?
In March I bought a Kate Spade bag, started wearing geeky glasses and minty shoes. For spring!

In April I travelled in a Gap trench coat with gray&beige accessories...

 In May I bought a Swatch while in NYC. (I've now LOST IT!!! during the move..grrr)

These espadrilles were my fave summer shoes. I bought them in  Marshalls in June.

In July I purchased these minuscule earstuds online. Have worn them every day ever since!

In August I had a chance to do some airport shopping. So, souvenirs from Madrid...

September was still very very warm in Washington DC.
I wore this tricot dress (a lot) with a red DKNY baggy.

Through all the warm October I wore these Seppälä plastic snake skin shoes... Fancy, eh?

Ok, and the downsizing started in November... when I went from Chanel to Maybelline. Again :))

Just guessing, there won't be much December shopping for me...
but some maybe... who knows. Catch ya later!