Friday, December 23, 2011


As you may remember, I have a soft spot for Tiffany's. Merry Christmas meeeee!

The Tiffany&co. store on 5th Avenue, New York City has 6 floors and is just fabulous! There are at least 200 salespersons in identical outfits and all the women wear Tiffany's rings and jewellery. There's an elevator at the back of the store that takes you to the cheaper stuff on the 3rd floor... and there's of course an elevator boy in a hat, who pushes the buttons for you and wishes "Thank you for your visit and have a Merry Christmas." It's like being in the 1930's again. *sigh*


  1. A piece of advice: always keep it in the pouch, when not wearing it; the enamel in the corners of my blue box charm has been worn out...
    By the way, have you read Marjorie Hart's "Summer at Tiffany"?
    With BEST Wishes, Päivi

  2. Hei, thanks for the tip 1 and tip 2. I had it (checked!) in the pouch AND will get the book :)