Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look Like You

The other day, I went to have my nails done and as I was sitting there reading the Vogue I'd just purchased, my Vietnamese manicurist Annie went like "Look like you in da picture" and I went like "Ha?" "In da picture look like you", she said. I turned to see the cover and went like "Yea? Noo? You really think so? Well, thanks." And we both laughed and I felt so great the rest of the day.

I love Michelle Williams, I think everybody pretty much does.

She stars the movie My Week With Marilyn (CLICK for the trailer) and had photos taken in costume for Vogue.

Well, it so happens I too was Marilyn for a special occasion about a year ago.

I'd say it was a bit more than a normal day at the office...

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